P2435 – Blackadder

P2435 is a 30th Round licence located on the western limit of the Sole Pit Basin of the Southern North Sea, approximately 65km south east of Flamborough Head. The primary play in over the licence is the Permian Rotliegendes which provides the reservoir in all adjacent fields and discoveries.

Block Details
Licence No: P2435
Award Date: 01/10/2018
Blocks: 47/10d & 48/06
Area: 77km2
Equity position: 25%
Operator: Parkmead

Teviot Discovery

Well 47/10-8 discovered Teviot, drilled in 2005 by Newfield. The well targeted a robust up-thrown structural trap at Leman level. Gas was found in the Upper and Lower Leman sands, which are thinly developed compared to the main producing fields to the east e.g. West Sole. The well was not drill stem tested but some indication of flow potential can be estimated from MDT data in the well.  The reservoir effectiveness of the discovery combined with lack of test reduces the chance of success down to 70%.

Blackadder Prospect

The Blackadder Prospect is a faulted Base Permian structural closure with a Rotliegendes reservoir. The Prospect appears to have formed as a pop-up feature on a transpressional restraining bend of the Dowsing Fault Zone. The Prospect is likely to be a robust structural trap, however several on-structure faults may cause the prospect to be compartmentalised and may affect ultimate gas recovery.

Resource Summary

Licence Ref DELT Equity Prospect  Type PRMS Status Net Prospective Resource (BCF) Risk Factor %
P90 P50 P10
P2435 25% Teviot Leman Discovery 2.8 5.5 10.3 100
Blackadder Rotliegendes Prospect 18 28 43 45