P2428 – Cupertino

Benefitting from several million dollars of investment from Capricorn Energy, prior to their withdrawal from the UK, the Cupertino area has significant prospectivity within both the Carboniferous and the Permian Leman Sandstone.  A number of material prospects and leads are mapped on the first 3D seismic survey acquired across the licence area and the work completed to date highlights the similarities with proven Pegasus and Andromeda discoveries to the south.

Block Details
Licence No: P2428
Award Date: 01/10/2018
Blocks: 43/7 & 43/8
Area: 477km2
Equity position: 40%
Operator: Capricorn Energy

Cupertino Prospect

Cupertino is a large Carboniferous inversion structure at the NW end of the Southern North Sea.  The target reservoir is the Scremerston Formation and although there are no well penetrations on the licence, the sandstones of the Scremerston are proven producers at the Breagh Field and the nearby Crosgan discovery.

The Cupertino prospect is similar to the Cadence prospect, located on Deltic licence P2567. The nearest Carboniferous discoveries are Pegasus and Andromeda, both drilled by Spirit Energy, which are located approximately 20 kilometres to the South.

The prospect is a 3-way dip and fault sealed structure with the large North Dogger Fault providing side seal along the Northern edge of the prospect.  The fault seal provides the potential for the greatest upside volumes associated with the prospect and is also a key risk.

Cupertino has estimated P50 Prospective Resources of 370 BCF with a GCoS of 26%.

Resource Summary


Licence Ref DELT Equity Prospect Reservoir PRMS Status Net Prospective Resource (BCF)
Risk Factor %
          P90 P50 P10  
P2428 40% Cupertino Scremerston Prospect 37 148 454 26